April 09, 2007

Debate Session at Sera Mey Monastery

Again at Bylakuppe. This is second time for me and absolutely a personal tour.. No photography intentions were made.I went with my family for a holiday there. But I must say this is not the right time to go there. The climate is too hot. You won't find any green landscapes there.It was so hot and dry, my family members were scolding me for taking them there. I was really sad by seeing such a dry character of this place.

Casually and as a part of my itinerary I went to Sera Mey Monastery in the afternoon, and came to know that there would be a debate session at 6:30 PM in front of the Monastery. I looked at my watch and found it was only 3:30PM. My wife insisted me to stay back so that we can see the very different debate session. I roamed around a bit and came back at 6PM at the same place.

And I was totally stunned by seeing the gathering and the debate session. within one hour I finished my memory card by shooting continuously and after that I felt, a photograph can not do justice to show this debate session. It needs to be observed by self and realize this culture.My day was a success.I was so happy at the end of the day.