May 18, 2007

Early Morning, Mamallapuram

May 06, 2007

Night life at Madiwala

… night life seems amazing and challenging… high ISO, high noise, blurry world, pallet of colors,neon lights,darkness… i think those are everything what you would love to add in a photograph… well these are all about the elements in a composition but the important part is the action, emotion and body language … i personally feel , you get much more variety in a night shoot than any day light shoot …well there may be debate on this issue.. but this is entirely my personal opinion… i always like to observe the night happening and document it…

madiwala comes on the way to my office… everyday when i go to office , eventually i need to pass madiwala and think i must come sometime here… it is a place off the hosur road … there is a big market in the surrounding area which remains busy during the early hours of a day… but at night the area becomes entirely a different sight… less people, less crowd and different activities… i planned to observe that sometime and document it …i would add this in my series ‘urban cityscape-stroll at night’…

May 05, 2007

Y weekend Magazine

Published on May 4, 2007 on Y weekend Magazine.