February 17, 2007

Being there in India, Sandip thinks, photography
is not a phenomenon to capture a moment, it is the
soul of a frame which you need to show to the viewer
through your lens. Working for a Computer Firm
in Bangalore, India; Sandip feels that he is lucky to
get the opportunity
to observe and learn about
the rich culture and religious
belief in India, especially
in the Southern part. Sandip always

tries to find out the human element in his frame,
he strongly
believes that a picture with out a
human element
in it is something like a body
without its soul.

Born in West Bengal ( India )... Doing freelance
Photography and working on assignments.

Sandip can be reached at sandip.deep@gmail.com
or call him at +91.990 024 5331.

photo courtesy © Lavannya Goradia