February 15, 2007

Fishermen | Pondicherry

If you are at Pondicherry, you may be disappointed by seeing the beach over there,; as all the beaches are covered with stones. you wont find any sand beach there. But it is lovely to see and walk on those black rocks and take photograph. Last year when I went there , my intention was different. I wanted to make a documentary on the life of fishermen community. After I came back from Chidambaram to Pondicherry back, i asked one of the auto driver to take me to a place where I could find fishermen village as well as sand beach. He did not disappoint me. I reached to a unnamed place approximately 10 km north of Pondicherry.
It was afternoon then. The light was just beautiful, but not on the sea side, ( You all know that Pondicherry is on the east coast of India ), I got a very nice light falling on those fishermen bringing fish back and their children playing by the sea. I waited there for some time ;watched the activities keenly; talked with some of them and then started shooting.

It is still an unfinished project for me. More photographs from other places on the life of fishermen community will come soon.

I found her playing with sea , in the late afternoon... her name is Sandhya.. which means evening , eventually..

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