February 19, 2007

Play time

I wanted to do a new experiment with my workflow, I wanted to take some image to play with; I started searching in my archive and found this one. An old photo, but from my favourite place; Russel Market. I thought I would take a photograph that describes a play for playing with workflow. Sounds weired, huh ? Then call me a dumbo.
Jokes apart.Let me tell you the workflow here I did with this photograph.

1.Open the image in Photoshop CS2.
2.Click on image > adjustment > Match color.
3.Check box on "Neutralize.
4. Drag the luminance bar to 120 and color intensity to 75. Save it.
5. Click on filter > sharpen > unsharpen mask.
6. On the unsharp mask pop up window, select amount as 100,radius 3.0 and threshold 0.
7. Click on edit > fade unsharp mask > opacity 100, blending mode Darken.
8. Repeat the step number 6 and 7 but this time while fading put the opacity 85 and mode as lighten.
9. Resize the image accordingly; I resize it to 600 pixel.
10. Save it.

Now you can play with it too. Try your own way. I personally like the "cool feel" of this image. Do you ?


kalyan said...

Well captured moment!

Nicolas said...

Really nice scene ! Nice colors ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes..what did they say the name of the game was? One thing you forgot in your notes...Fade unsharp mask, what mode? lighten, darken etc? I'll try this at home too. Well timed capture

Sandip Debnath said...

Oh , yes, I am sorry, You caught it right Angshuman Da. I'll change it.

Sweety said...

nice composition ,...keep it up !

Dipesh said...

Yes I do! Thanx.