February 21, 2007

some warm light here

If you get this kind of light early in the morning , will you be able to keep quite and not to take your camera out ? Umm , I think it was difficult for me not to shoot.

I was going back to my home town after a long time; a year or so. Feeling excited about it and watching outside country-scape through the window of the sleeper coach train compartment, I was about to miss this wonderful sight. First ray of sun was just falling on her face, through the window. December is really cold for the people of North Bengal and when you travel through the train, it even gets colder.While coping with the cold winder morning, this warm sun light comes as a true enjoyment to us. And so did they.

This photograph is not retouched much. The color is original here; it was just a great light. ISO 200, f/4.5 , 1/40 sec and 19mm.


Claude said...

Beautiful lighting. I like the glance of the woman also.

Aditya Bhelke said...

yes I remember such great warm yellow light while I used to travel in trains .. which was long back. Then, I had a 35 mm film camera ... a point n shoot Kodak. But then 36 pics was a limit, and snaps were always of nature, animals or family :)

Dipesh K Dey said...

excellent mood in excellent atmo

Nicolas said...

Nice one ! Great lighting :)

santha said...

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